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"Garfagnana, dove il tempo non corre" or "Where time doesn't rush". You'll see fireflies in June, shooting stars in August, and at night the hillsides twinkle with the lights of villages built centuries ago on the inaccessible crags of the Apennines.


Front of house

We have owned a holiday home in this locality for thirty years, and in 2000 we bought the neighbouring building, mainly because it was threatening to collapse onto our roof. It was a beautiful ruin, floors and stairs were missing and it hadn't been lived in for decades.

With the invaluable help of our neighbours, it has been restored and remodelled to provide three beautiful, spacious and simply furnished apartments. Using traditional materials and techniques and reusing whatever we could, they all have white walls, terracotta tiled floors and beams and fittings of chestnut, the local wood.