Casa Polidori

The Local Area

Garfagnana is a designated area of natural beauty and is known for its culinary specialities. The location and atmosphere of Casa Polidori are tranquility itself, with no passing traffic but wide open views of the Apennines and the valley of the river Serchio. It's also a perfect centre from which to explore the Garfagnana, its picturesque villages and hamlets, lakeside restaurants and bars, and to slip effortlessly into the local way of life - where time doesn't rush.

The local produce, both food and wine, is excellent and there are plenty of good quality restaurants and bars nearby that won’t break the bank.

Local delicacies include the sheep's cheese, pecorino, which can be mild (dolce) or mature (stagionata); a kind of rustic quiche (torta salata) from the bakeries and fresh pasta shops; farro, a kind of spelt which is similar to pearl barley and makes an excellent salad base instead of rice; sweet and savoury dishes using chestnut flour and the local salami, tied in a ring, called a mondiola.

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